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If you follow me in Instagram then you’ve seen this sofa in our home already. It’s the Solae chaise from Article, and we’ve been enjoying it the last couple of months. In case you have not heard of Article, they are an online store that produces modern furniture with the goal of changing the way people shop for furniture. One of the things I like about Article is how simple their site is and how easy they make it to find what you’re looking for. And if you’re apprehensive about making a big purchase without trying it out in person, they have a 30 day money back guarantee that offers some peace of mind about the decision making process.

This sofa is one of the most asked about pieces in our home and I often get several DM’s every time I post a new photo asking, you know, what do I REALLY think of it? I love these one on one conversations because they feel more personal and you can talk more openly about your opinions but even in that personal space of a DM on Insta I always have great things to say about this sofa!
I understand how personal choosing a sofa is, just like so many things we fill our lives with, this comes down to personal preferences. Some like it hot some like it cold, right?

For me personally there were a few key criteria that needed to be met by a new sofa and here are a few:

no loose cushions-our other sofa previously in this spot has a lot of loose cushions and while I like the look of the pillows, reality is both kids toss them onto the ground or accidentally knock them off on a daily basis and I was spending a lot of time picking them back up, which I grew tired of quickly

a pale, light color-this did not necessarily have to be white but the area of our living room directly under the windows casts a lot of shadows so a lighter colored sofa has always looked a little better in this spot, something learned by trial and error

modern shape-I’m not one typically drawn to traditional or classic pieces so I knew I wanted something minimal and modern, this style his nice thick blocky pieces and hidden legs, two features I was attracted to immediately

unusual seating-while the sofa looks like one piece it’s actually two, a chaise and an armless seat together make a complete sofa because the Solae is designed as a modular series

These were the main features I was looking for and Solae just ticked all the boxes for me! The cover cannot be removed for washing and since tow children and a cat who loves perching near the windows to watch the neighbors walk their dogs, I used a couple layers of a fabric protectant like Scotchgard as extra insurance. Additionally I really like the modular feature of the Solae, which not only gives you color and textile options but countless ways to customize this to suite your space or to update over time by adding more pieces to make it larger or to create a different shape entirely.

One of the most frequent questions I get in my DM’s about the Solae is about the comfort of the sofa and for me, I find it very comfortable. The deep seats eliminate the need for an ottoman or footstool but you don’t necessarily feel the need to totally recline either. The wide armrest is another comfortable feature and with the addition of a throw cushion and blanket, it’s also a cozy place to curl up. One of the kids will often sit here with me to read a book or watch a movie and there is plenty of room for two or three people to spread out.

*this sofa was gifted to me by Article, all words and reviews are however my own (happy sofa owner here!)