My avocado tree : 12 weeks old

I am so proud of the growth of my avocado tree, I post about it quite often as it grows on my instagram and I get a lot of questions about its progress,so I thought I would share some details about it.
You can read my tutorial about how to grow an avocado tree from an avocado stone here, you can see detailed photos and I also share tips and tricks on that post for 100% success so do read it if you haven’t yet. The tree in that post was about 8 weeks old and it is the same tree you see in the photo above , at 12 weeks old today.
I wanted to grow more trees just in case anything went wrong with the one above so I followed my own instructions and I am happy to say, 7 weeks in my new avocados have already grown roots and 2cm long stems. I will make a breakdown in a future post with an exact timeline, I know a lot of people are wondering and I would have liked to know myself back when I was starting out this experiment.
One thing is for sure, when the avocado stem starts growing leaves, the tree needs at least 8 hours of sun for quick growth, so summer is their perfect season. It is quite satisfying watching it grow and caring for it, I can assure you it is a fun process too.
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