My Avocado Trees : A tale of growth

Yesterday I managed to re pot all of my plants, including my growing avocado trees and my new olive trees. I have wanted to change the pots for the avocado trees especially for some time now, they seemed always so very thirsty for water and it was no wonder when I took the big one out of its old pot, there was almost no soil left, it was filled with its roots. The two trees look very different to each other, the oldest one has its leaves curved and they are very hard to the touch, unlike the younger one whose leaves are soft,big and flowy. It might have been that the pot I originally planted it in was too small for it, either way, time will tell. I also burried its stone in the soil as well, I am not sure if I should do this or not, I left the stone outside for the other one. Regardless now it is in a big new pot, big enough for a couple of months at least. I will watch it closely and post if there is any significant change. 
I am experimenting a lot with these trees, I do not know how to raise them the proper way really. All the information I get is from internet and that is not enough to answer all my questions. In spite of my inability to sustain green life in the house however,the avocado trees seem to still be alive and somewhat healthy. For now, I am counting my blessings. 

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