My travel wishlist part I

I have been thinking a lot about getting away, about life on the beach, sun on my face, the wind in my hair. Honestly, I think about this constantly and not only recently! So, of course, I have a growing list of places to see and visit, stuff I want to try, eat and share on Instagram. There are so many incredible properties and destinations you can find at the tip of your fingers from your own couch. Savvy social media marketing agencies are causing many of us wanderlusting people to drool over some possible vacations, day trips, or even just an incredible meal we saw. Here are some of my most recent saves (check out my travel board on Pinterest for more examples) and hopefully next stops on my travels!

Santa Clara 1728

This place is one of the most gorgeous and has been all over Instagram or Pinterest, so if you’re a design lover and visiting Portugal, this might be the place for you. With large rooms overlooking a river and private garden their studies can accommodate a family of 4 (like us!) easily.

Treehouse Tulum

We are hoping to visit Tulum in the fall and Treehouse is our top pick for places to stay. Using solar panels and a unique water system that helps preserve the surrounding jungle, Treehouse can be rented out entirely or by the room. Also, it’s absolutely beautiful!

The Ranch

The allure of the sunshine and lifestyle that Laguna beach scenes are always on my mind. In fact, most people in the US dream about Southern California for much of the calendar year, especially during these neverending northern winters! Surfing the web pages of Laguna Beach real estate is the place for some pretty incredible design ideas and tons of dream house if you or I were to make the move! LB (as I like to call it) is also home to The Ranch, which has secluded views of the canyon and the sea for those who want to escape the city pace of life.

ION in Iceland

With two locations, one in the city and one in Nesjavellir, the latter is an place surrounded by lava fields where you can stay to get away from the city, possibly see the Northern Lights and enjoy the amazing landscape.

Pom & Flora

Not a hotel but still a place on my visit list, Pom & Flora cafe has two locations in Stockholm, as well as a space next door available for parties or meetings.

Casa na Areia

Another stop in Portugal, this unique place to stay and sand covered floors. Sand indoors!! Sounds like nightmare to clean except here it is ok to track sand in from the beach. The bedrooms and bathrooms have concrete flooring but the concept is pretty unique and laid back. Opening in 2010 the Casa na Areia is by architect Manuel Aires Mateus and was later chosen to represent Portugal at the Venice Bienal of Architecture in the same year.

The Surf Club

Designed by Joseph Dirand, this Miami hotel blends design with the tropics. With large views of the aqua sea and palm trees lining corridors, it’s a beautiful getaway that compliments rather than distracts from it’s local surroundings.

*this post contains sponsored links however all words are my own!