new cutting boards & a kitchen update

One of my favorite stores, Artilleriet, recently had my most wanted oak cutting boards on sale and I took it as a sign from the online shopping Gods that then was the time to order a couple for myself. I bought the smoked oak ones but they’re not nearly as dark in person as the online photos, which is still ok and I love them anyways.

Also if you’ve been following me since 2013 or before you might remember the big kitchen renovation we did to this house that used to be a rental. We never did decide on a backsplash for the kitchen walls. Tile, glass, stainless steel, concrete…for one reason or another we’ve decided none were quite right for us. For the past few months though I’ve had it in my mind that I must find some solution, something smooth and easy to clean that will keep food residue or water off the walls.

I’m still trying to make a commitment but in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some considerations and the process to completion!