Hello on the last day of 2017! Any big plans for tonight? I don’t recall ever staying at home on New Years eve, but at the moment we’re in the middle of moving houses, so I’m just longing for a quiet night at home. On the couch. With Netflix. And a good glass of red wine. :) Too bad, because I already had my New Years eve outfit picked out, including my new Metropolis Furla bag. A bag on which I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time. This little cutie was waiting for me underneath the tree, as a Christmas gift from Duifhuizen tassen en koffers. It’s the perfect bag for every kind of occasion. Whether you will go for a night out, a lunch date, or when you just need a bag to glam up a casual outfit on an everyday. Especially when Enzo is around, I need a bag that doesn’t get in my way when I’m running around like a crazy person. Which is basically everyday.. So thank you Duifhuizen tassen en koffers for making my life a bit easier! What’s your favourite bag?

Everyone have an amazing NYE, and talk to you in 2018!