New Industrial FloorLamp in my Lisbon Interior

It has been almost a year since I moved from Bali to Lisbon, and I’m not planning to leave. The opposite is true, I’m slowly moving my way into the Portuguese culture. Learning the language, building a network around me and, of course, working on an interior that represents my own true style.

This means I can finally start investing in cool interior pieces. I haven’t been able to do this for several years, because I always knew I wouldn’t really stay in Bali for longer than several years. But now that I’m here and planning to stay, I love to collect cool interior pieces.

My newest interior piece is an industrial floor lamp with a gorgeous diamond light bulb, which I found at It lights up my room with a warm glow that reminds me of candlelight. Perfect to have it next to my bed for some romantic light whilst reading a book or meditating before falling asleep.

Directlampen delivers the lamp at home in several smaller pieces, but they made sure it’s convenient and easy to put it together. It took me only fifteen minutes to have built it up to the cool industrial floor lamp it is now.