It is generally accepted that every well constructed wardrobe consists of some particular basic pieces of certain value and quality, and by saying that I definitely don’t mean the price, although several times that’s the case. Continuing that statement, someone could start by numbering little black dresses, a pair of jeans, a camel coat, a pair of elegant black pumps and so on. In that list, I would definitely add the golden watch.



My choice from the NICOLE VIENNA collection was both hard and easy. Sometimes the best though and decision is the best and eventually the last; and that’s what happened. Even before visiting the website, I knew I was going for gold. Of course, all the designs confused my first decision afterwards, I simply wanted them all! In any case, I already have some black pieces an I didn’t want the minimal silver trend to cloud my updating intentions!

I went with the golden dense strap with the black marble. The combination is just wonderful. So elegant, classic and fresh at the same time. The golden strap brings classy old-fashioned vibes, while the detailed black marble elevates the design to a more new-age state.

The beautiful design also came with perfect packaging; the petite soft rubber case in light grey, with the minimal logo. Sometimes, I like having around the things I love, without their cases, but right now, I just can’t store away NICOLE VIENNA watch and both the timepiece and packaging stand next to another on my shelf!

Although at first I though about a monochrome outfit to match my timepiece, I eventually stepped away from classics and went with long wide leg culottes from THE FIFTH and matching off-the-shoulder flares from ZARA. It that way, I wanted to succeed into adding some movement into the static images.