Posted on: 04/12/2017 Posted by: Leonie Comments: 0

As a rather impatient person, and proponent of a more effortless (life)style, easy and efficient travel gear is very important to me. Granted, I don’t nearly travel (far) enough in the past years, but I do get my fair share of lugging around multiple – heavy – suitcases at a time. I am a chronic over-packer, never knowing what (not) to bring. Every time I go back to the Netherlands, I bring my dog. Also, as a creative, I need to pack my laptop, camera, notebook and planner, because, you know… just in case. And my tablet and a book, for entertainment during the commute – which always ends up with me catching up on sleep and forgetting about the extra entertainment weight. So you see, despite the lack of exotic travels, I still carry a lot of things with me. Which usually fits into one large suitcase, but since I often visit family, I’ve got to leave space to bring back some goodies… A larger suitcase, a trolley, my purse, the dog = a ridiculous amount of stuff I am dragging around. Where’s the effortless?

This is where Bugaboo comes into play. No, not to toss the dog and other belongings into a stroller, but their new pursuit: luggage systems. They have recently launched a revolutionary luggage system that is quite honestly right up my alley. Lightweight, customizable, minimal design… built to exactly suit my needs and avoid frustrations (told you: impatient) as the system can easily be adapted and adjusted on-the-go. The luggage can be pushed forward – which makes it feel a little bit like pushing a stroller (“Travel is my baby” …) – but trust me, it is so much easier to quickly move around all those slow walkers. Big win!

Getting from A to B without too much hassle is my main goal; I like my travels to be as smooth as possible so I can focus on the reason for my trip: vacation, business, family visit. Or like in 3 weeks, when I’ll be heading to Mallorca for a little business & pleasure combo in the sun. I’ve got the packing list ready in my mind – bathing suit ✔, new summer wardrobe ✔, sun protection ✔ – and I can’t wait to push around my over-packed luggage without any hassle this time.

In friendly collaboration with Bugaboo