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TIME – Vol. 2

There is a certain aspect of the anticipation process that intrigues me quite a lot. I can remember the feeling of excitement and awkward joy every time I had a trip planned. The endless plans and possibilities, the countless ways to pass the time, the things to see, the places to visit the hidden spots to discover. I can almost remember the disappointment when the day would finally arrive. Felt like the beginning of the end.

This feeling quite follows me still. When there are great things planned ahead, I almost don’t want to reach them. Feels like all the possible scenarios loose their magic touch that only imagination can create. Up until now, that’s the case. Not sure if it could be the fear of the unknown or the possibility of a disappointment, high standards that cannot be reached, however that could be the hardest challenge, to just overcome that process.

Nonetheless, this certain waiting time, the anticipation process, turns out to be the most creative phase and the period during which we not only discover ourselves, but carve our most unique and personal paths.


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