Norm Architects Sabi Leaves Prints

Last year Norm Architects released this stunningly simple collection of leaf prints in collaboration with Paper Collective. The four prints in the Sabi Leaf collection were designed to celebrate the beauty of decay in nature, architecture and design, and how those imperfections (gained over time) can be what makes something especially beautiful. The name may seem familiar to you, it references the Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi; common characteristics of which include intimacy, asymmetry, roughness and the appreciation of natural processes.

How were they made?

To get the incredible detail, the leaves were shot on glass sheets using the Phase One XF 100MP camera. To put that into perspective, my Olympus Pen is a 16.1MP camera. They were then printed on uncoated FSC certified paper in Denmark.

Who are Norm Architects?

Norm Architects are a Danish multi-disciplinary creative studio working across industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction. Their projects are conceived with restraint and refinement, balance is key.

Who are Paper Collective?

Paper Collective are a Danish brand that create iconic design posters. They collaborate with a curated selection of artists, designers and illustrators from around the world to create unique limited edition prints. On their website you’ll find these and many more beautiful prints.


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