Not So Orchid

This was supposed to be a post about my friends Robert and Sarah, who are not only the funniest late night party animals that I know but also the super awesome duo behind Sarah & Sebastian.  

Now, you might be thinking here, wait a minute, Sarah and Robert .. well then who’s Sebastian?  Don’t get confused Robert is Sebastian, just trust and me and don’t ask questions, all you need to know is that they are clever, creative and very very cool.

Anyway, I digress .. basically if you haven’t come across their work already then you need to. Sarah and Robert are long time collaborators with our other partner in crime Dion Lee, creating those bespoke pieces for his New York runway shows and other editorial bits and pieces.

‘Pendal’ is Sarah and Robert’s latest collection inspired by artist Alexander Calder and, well.. it’s ah-mazing.  I’m wearing just a couple of the earrings above, but Gabrielle my incredibly multi-talented Production Manager and I got rather carried away with the orchids so it may be a little hard to actually see.

Anyway, you can check out Sarah and Sebastian here.. go on, go ahead and and get some goodness ..

photography: Amanda Shadforth 

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