On Boyfriend Watch

OK so let’s be clear here, I may not be on the watch for a boyfriend anymore (BTW proof of my marital status can be found here) but I’ve been on the watch for a boyfriend watch since, well since I got hitched.
Until now … that is.

Thanks to my fabulous friends at Louis Vuitton who have been privy to my sometimes pre-disposition to be tardy-to-the-party, the problem has now been solved.  Enter ….drumroll please, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Chronographe, perfect for the girl who who likes to borrow from the boys and let’s be honest most likely does not give back.
Yes that’s right, it was once said to be a man’s world but ladies you know who runs the world? Girls.

 So on that note I suggest that you take a good look at this fabulous time piece and consider for your own personal needs, the watch that not only ‘ticks’ all of the boxes in the style stakes but also is credited with an interchangeable strap for those days that, if you’re a Libran like moi, and feel like mixing it up you have a second fab option.

Time is of the essence friends, you can check out this baby here and now I must be off .. time is ticking .

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