One Mignonne Swan

I know it’s a cliché but swans have been one of my favorite animals ever since I saw The Swan Lake Ballet as a kid (also the most famous park of the city I grew up in was named after them and feeding the swans was a big part of my childhood) and since earrings are the only piece of jewelry that I like “the more statement the better” I literally squeaked when I saw these Mignonne Gavigan swan earrings. They are literally my gifts to my own childhood (who was scared enough to wait until 12 to pierce her ears). They are so perfect that I find myself checking out mirrors constantly.

Mignonne Gavigan is one of the most creative jewelry designers out there, you can always set her pieces apart even in a crowd, always fun and whimsical – like nothing you ever saw before. It’s hard to find earrings that can lift the whole outfit, even the simplest outfit, and still not look too over the top and she manages to do just that with every single piece.

I was seriously torn between the White and the Black Swan (even the Parrot and the Owl were in question at some point – I just realized I’m very much into birds) but the White Swan made the final cut and I love it so much I may want to sleep with them. It will be very hard to go back to boring old studs now…

. White Swan Earrings Mignonne Gavigan

Created in partnership with Mignonne Gavigan and Rewardstyle