Open Doors

Last night I promised myself I would actually go to bed, when I went to bed but yet again it didn’t happen. I know that this may sound weird but in a recent conversation while lunching with my team during a shoot that we were producing, there was a serious number of offenders (myself included) who .. when it’s time for bed spend the next 3 hours ‘scroll-axing’.  If you think about it, we can happily justify to ourselves that this time could be classified as ..

a) Market research..

b) A savvy way of keeping up with pop culture (and endlessly satisfying list of Donald Trump Meme’s)

c) Just a really really good way to catch up everything that all your favourite accounts are up to in a peaceful environment .. (other than in the bathroom or during your lunch break).

So if you’re reading this is bed right now I’d like to say a special hi, snuggle up and enjoy some stealthly gratifying bedtime scollaxation.  And if not, I suggest that you give it a go .. cast the guilt aside and call it a good opportunity for some Cultural Immersion .. at least that’s how we’d like to classify it anyway..

white shirt: similar here  .  black skirt: Celine  .  white ankle boots: Celine  .  bag: Rachael Ruddick  .  necklace: Louis Vuitton  .  fishnet stockings:  La Perla

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