I find it hard to actually take a break; owning a blog is like owning any small business, there’s always something that needs doing, emails keep flooding in and things can’t stop just because I need to. I’m away with my husband’s family in Croatia and the last thing I want to do is lock myself away in the dark to answer emails, write and edit all day (if you’ve tried doing any of these in the sun, you’ll know it’s impossible anyway). This is my time to sit by the pool, read my new Kindle and absorb as much vitamin D as I can, whilst spending some quality time with Dan and my new family.

My out-of-office is on and although I’m checking my inbox sporadically I won’t be answering anything that is not urgent. I’m also keeping things tidy by deleting all the spam emails so that come my return to London I won’t be inundated with an inbox full of unread emails that will have me running for the hills. Sorry to those of you who are reading this and have just realised that I genuinely will not be replying to you this week but I really do need to take a break.

The only work I have been doing is shooting my outfits and sharing photos of the beautiful towns I’ve been visiting in Istria. This place is extremely beautiful but also extremely hot right now so my shooting time is limited to just an hour in the afternoon as the sun starts to go down and I can bear to wear anything more than a bikini. Dan’s stepped up to the role of photographer and has been helping me capture a few shots before dinner. He’s doing a great job, don’t you think?

For now, you’ll find me a little preoccupied, sorry!

I’m wearing:
Raquel Allegra Peasant Dress in Black (USA here) | Davina Mulford Panama Trilby* | Wood/Grey Round Woven Bag* | Ancient Greek Sandals Taygete Sandals in Tan* | Ace & Tate Suzy Sunglasses in Bio Black* | Felice Dahl Första Pendant Necklace in Gold

*Given to me to review and featured because I love it.

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