08/12/2014 1 MIN READ Jennifer Hagler

Over the years my blog has had a few design/layout changes, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve also had many people email me about my layouts, wanting to know how they were designed and who helped me? I’m so grateful to say Ana Degenaar has been my go-to for all of my design and coding needs. She’s always been my right hand when I’ve needed help with a widget or need to change/add a function on the blog. I’m telling you, I could sing her praises all day!
I value her relationship so much because not only has her help saved me when I was in over my head (many times) but she’s been a genuine friend who’s truly talented! Being able to come up with a design and having someone to implement it has been extremely helpful in creating a space that represents me, and I could not do it without Ana‘s help!

For my fellow bloggers out there I want to share with you this great resource, her shop! Ana has these simple, elegantly modern layouts that are all so good, it’s hard to choose only 1. Her blog as well is proof that she’s the real deal.
Blogmilk shop makes it easy to choose & download your layout and for those of us who are coding illiterate, this really makes it easy to have something beautifully designed that can be personalized to you. Plus if you find that you still want something slightly off the grid, she does custom work as well.

Thanks Ana!

08/12/2014 17 SEC READ Jennifer Hagler

The upcoming collection from Ferm Living is warm, dark, moody and sophisticated. Basically it’s fantastic! They’ve introduced more textiles including rugs and lots of beautiful new candlestick holders and ceramic dinnerware for soft, quiet moments and …

08/12/2014 14 SEC READ ann kim


08/11/2014 14 SEC READ Jennifer Hagler

It’s Monday & I’m feeling tired (surprise, surprise!) from the weekend of a little one who wouldn’t sleep and another who’s been sick. But I’m here and feeling inspired by this apartment. The bathroom, bedroom and kitchen are beautiful but it’s these quiet details that I love most.

08/11/2014 14 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

My first stylings assignment after the holiday´s were to style Ylva Skarps aw14 news. I picked the inspiration for the styling from her strong ties and love for the forest and raw materials. /More on her web site Ylva Skarp! Styling/photo/ Annaleena Karlsson
08/11/2014 46 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Melissa Araujo Vest Dress, American Apparel Crop Top, Vintage Leather Bermudas, Vintage Prada Bag and Zara Sandals.Something I have not done enough of, is let my readers know that not only am a blogger, but I am also a fashion designer. F…

08/09/2014 27 SEC READ ann kim

SKARGORN Tee / PAIGE Denim / SUPERGA x THE ROW Sneakers / MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag Last week I had the chance to visit the Everlane factories in Los Angeles with seven inspirational instagrammers. They took us inside their mill, dye house and …

08/07/2014 36 SEC READ Jennifer Hagler

Nude pink, fig tree, iron and brass with worn wooden floors are the sophisticated elements that compose Yvonne’s brand new flagship store in Copenhagen. I can personally attest to the quality and beauty of her bags as I own a travel sized version of her design and it is an heirloom piece that I’ve already used multiple times. Now her store is the perfect display for her goods, with romantic colors and deep hues and a pink that’s similar to one I’ve been working with already, so I’m definitely a fan.

The space was designed by Studio Oliver Gustav, read & see more about it (including ‘before’ shots) here and if you’re in Copenhagen, won’t you see it in person for me?

08/07/2014 36 SEC READ Rima
American Eagle asked me to style their overalls in a cool back to school look. Wearing head to toe AE, I paired the denim with a preppy sweater, beanie and some birks. Check it out on the American Eagle blog here
Rima Vaidila wearing
American Eagle Outfitters Overalls & Sweater
Photos by Adria

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08/05/2014 31 SEC READ ann kim

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Adds the perfect amount of texture and volume, and a great alternative to dry shampoo. Another favorite of mine is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.Eve Lom Lip Treatment – A rich treatment that helps mo…

08/05/2014 43 SEC READ Jennifer Hagler

A few things I find inspiring right now. Firstly are these new wool pillows from Danish artist and ceramicist Gry Fager. I like the pattern of pieces in all white wool that composes each cushion, I think one of each would be just great. Some really ins…

08/04/2014 55 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Taking A Breathing BreakI don’t know if you’d agree but life on my side of the woods is a constant up and down these days…so I’ve decided to not fight it and just go with the flow. To be very honest, this is harder for me than just keeping on going b…

08/04/2014 47 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Silk Camisole ( Similar here), J Brand Jeans, Sophie Hulme Bag, Shoe Dazzle, Made Her Think Rings, Club Monaco Bracelets and Ray Ban Sunnies.It is hard to believe that July is over, where did the time go? I am sure we …

08/01/2014 9 SEC READ Jennifer Hagler

Dark blue mixed with natural woods, a little green and plenty of white space is one of my favorite looks or color combinations right now. This is such a great example of that.

07/31/2014 22 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

k o w t o wKowtow is a 100% premium certified fair trade organic cotton fashion label from New Zealand. I’ve been eying them for a few weeks now in hopes of upgrading my wardrobe with a few of their pieces and I wanted to share this with you because th…

07/29/2014 10 SEC READ ann kim

Photos by Nicolas Alan CopeANDY HEART x MIRLO Black Diamond Cuff and Ring now available at Sweetheart Society. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLOVIN’ 

07/28/2014 1 MIN READ Ana Degenaar

Music Monday: W K N D RTwo things are on my mind today, the first is more of a question, how is it possible that we are past the half year mark and I still feel like January was a week ago? Tell me I’m not alone. This is starting to scare me. Second, N…

07/28/2014 51 SEC READ melissa

WEARINGCameo The Label Shirt, H&M Bermudas, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, Zara Sandals, Club Monaco Sunnies and Vanessa Mooney Bracelet.

The past week was a mix between hard work and enjoyment. Hard work because even though it was my “birthday week”, I worked non stop to get Two M Projects where it needs to be (good old deadlines). Enjoyment because I can finally see some of the samples taking shape and form. Any free time I had was spent on Skype, with friends and family, and I got to spend real time with my friends over the weekend. Their company was great and I had (many) birthday drinks. Thank you everyone who took the time to make me feel special, for all the love and positivity. The more grateful you are for what you have, the more the universe wants to give you. Abundance favours gratitude.” Feeling so blessed! ♡ 

Photos by Vanessa Hong. Special thanks to you V for taking time out of your busy schedule to shoot & edit these ♡.

07/24/2014 21 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Beautiful Urban VillaStudio Niels, founded by Niels Maier (Graduate at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003), is located in the center of Maastricht, Holland. Studio Niels develops interior concepts, ranging from corporate spaces to exclusive private i…

07/23/2014 20 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Vontrueba: Veggie CollectionI’ve been looking for new prints to change the air in my home and yesterday I came across this wonderful shop. VonTrueba is an Architectural and Design Studio based in London. Carmen Trueba’s work is simply stunning and her …

07/22/2014 21 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

I just received the latest copy of La petite magazine in the post and I love it! I have styled a tweenie rum for this issue and I hope it will give you some inspiration how to transform children´s  rooms to a tweenie room. 
More pictures of it on my Residence blog and I will show the DIY I made for the issue with full instructions here later. 
07/22/2014 29 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

M o o d b o a r d 1 4 1 0Making moddboards is one of my new ways to relax. I love going through photos and admiring people’s work. It makes me happy and inspires me. I’ve been loving silk and Pantones Metallic 8604 C + Pastels Neons Coated 9080 C late…

07/21/2014 1 MIN READ melissa

WEARING: Melissa Araujo Slip On Dress, American Apparel Mesh Dress, H&M Leather Jacket, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, Alexander Wang Kori Boots, 8 Other Reasons Rings, and Margiela Necklace Worn as Bracelet…

07/21/2014 39 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

S c r e w P e r f e c t i o n”Life doesn’t stop for anyone” is probably the truest thing I’ve heard lately. Life really does not stop and so we can’t. The overwhelming thought of that gave me so much anxiety in the beginning but ended up helping me le…

07/14/2014 45 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Rodebjer Kimono Coat, Cyeoms Crop Top, DIY Skirt, Celine Trio Bag, Zara Sandals and Ray Ban Sunnies.Sure, I probably don’t need a Summer coat, but as I have mentioned many times, I am constantly cold. So the excitement of wearing sle…

07/11/2014 18 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Rain by Daniel Lasso CasasNow that our Wordpress and Blogger Collections are up I’m giving myself a little bit of time to browse around blogs and sites I love, I feel lucky today. I just stumbled upon Daniel Lassos’ illustrations and this one in partic…

07/08/2014 27 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Blogobsessed: What’s Cooking Good LookingI’ve been eying Jodi’s blog for over a month now and I haven’t been able to share because I’ve been too busy eating through her recipes… Just kidding (ok, just a little). Jodi’s recipe for garlic soup is heav…

07/07/2014 39 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Novevite Neoprene Top, Cameo The Label Shorts, Club Monaco Top and Sunnies, H&M Bag. Until recently, my only experience with Neoprene was with my beach wear, since last year though we have all seen it on the runway. A lot of…

07/01/2014 24 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Rzemiosło ArchitektoniczneI’ve been obsessing over the homes pictured above by Rzemiosło Architektoniczne’s for about 2 weeks now and it’s only now that things are slowing down that I get to share with you. I truly want to come back to blogging full ti…

06/30/2014 42 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: JNBY Silk Top, Addison NY Pants, Adidas Superstar II, Celine Trio Bag, Club Monaco Sunnies and THP Shop Cuffs.A relaxed look on the blog today as I have been really busy, in need of comfort clothes and shoes to get me through th…

06/25/2014 16 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Daniel RybakkenI’ve been loving these lamps lately and I wanted to know more about the genius behind them so I looked and found Daniel Rybakken. Daniel is an Artist/Designer based in Oslo. His work occupies the area between art and design, forming limi…

06/25/2014 26 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

When it comes to decorations in my home, I choose always less is more.
Not because I don´t like many things but only because I think it is easier to find stuff. 
Decorating with few things gives also more calming expression and less details to look at. And with less stuff in front at a time, highlights all your favorite things. Here´s some of mine favorites right now.

/wall paint. Jotun color (antikgrå)
/marble ask. Lotta Agaton shop
/mirror. Ikea
/mirror knob, Kollekted by

06/23/2014 33 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: UNIF Mesh Dress, Adidas Superstar II Sneakers, Club Monaco Sunnies & THP Shop Cuffs.I received this dress from Koshka about a month ago, but I was waiting to pull it out of my closet when the weather started to be …

06/22/2014 26 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

S u m m e r S a l e !Our themes are almost gone and our new collection a step away from being ready for publishing. We wanted to give you one more special chance to get a Blog Milk theme for your blog, so this year for our annual Summer Sale we’ve dec…

06/21/2014 28 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

A touch of pinkBroste is one of my favorite online shops for home goods. I was browsing through their website when I stumbled upon these lovely photos. I’m not a big fan of pink but this sneaked up on me and made my day. I know it’s already Summer but …

06/18/2014 19 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Rizza HouseI’m in need of a lot of green in my life these days so I could not help but fall in love with the Rizza House and it’s beautiful and minimal feel. This project by Studio Inches Architettura also happens to be a very interesting one. Read mor…

06/17/2014 26 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Beautiful things don´t just happen. Neither did this gorgeous plate of limestone. It is a product of generational genuine craftsmanship, where the father has been running a stonemasonry as his father and now the creative daughter Josefine has used their knowledge of the stone and taken it to the next level and started to make these beautiful stone plates. The plates are available in two different designs in limestone and Carrara marble. Gotta love the limestone! More pictures on their home page here.


06/16/2014 54 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: J Brand Mesh Top, Addison Pants, THShop Vest, Sophie Hulme Bag, Shoe Dazzle Shoes and H&M Hair Accessory.Aside from an unhealthy obsession with jackets, you may have also noticed the other major love of my life is …

06/16/2014 48 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

M o o d b o a r d 1 4 0 9Let’s try this again, shall we?Last week, even though I tried I could not get back to my normal life the way I wanted to because I had piles of work and never-ending lists of things I needed to do at home. Picture trying to do…

06/09/2014 26 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

Uh La La StudioThere’s so much going on these days. I’ve been here and there and thinking that if I continue going like this I won’t ever be able to stop. I’m happy though, happy to be busy, to be back to blogging and happy to be collaborating with som…

06/09/2014 47 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Club Monaco Vest, Top, Zara Knit Crop Top, Vintage Culottes, DIY Belt, and Church’s Loafers (Old Collection) and Galisfly Rings.Correct me if I am wrong, but crop tops and culottes are high fashion items of the moment. What can I say, cro…

06/02/2014 1 MIN READ melissa

                                              WEARING: Nike Top, DIY American Apparel Pants, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, THPS Bound Cuffs,…

06/01/2014 1 MIN READ Ana Degenaar

Homemade Hummus, Poached Egg and AsparagusThere are seasons in my life that make me feel like I’m on a never-ending roller coaster ride. That’s the exact feeling I’ve had lately (and the reason why this post is going up on a Sunday). I made it a goal t…

05/30/2014 26 SEC READ Ana Degenaar

The Black HomeI cannot even begin to explain how much I love this home but if you stare at the amazing photos by Romain Ricard you’ll probably understand why. This amazing, unique and jaw-dropping worthy home is making me daydream today. You know h…

05/26/2014 57 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Melissa Araujo Dress (New Collection Coming at the end of Summer), Rodebjer Kimono Coat, Adidas Superstar 2, Club Monaco Clutch and The Haute Pursuit’s Cuffs.I always feel that I am wearing something that is borderline, maybe li…

05/23/2014 14 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

I could not think of anything better to blog about on a Friday than the happy news that my new design, brass magazine holder and my brass birds that I designed for a hotel here, will be sold soon exclusively in Lotta Agaton Shop Stockholm yay! Happy we…

05/20/2014 14 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Today’s one pic is a teaser from next La petite magazine summer issue where I have had privilege again to style one kid’s room. This time I made a girl room with a “diy” walk-in closed./find the nearest stockist to get you copy here./la petite magazine

05/19/2014 45 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Prada Bag, Oak + Fort Long Jacket, Cyeoms Crop Top, American Apparel Zipper Pants, Zara Sandals and Made Her Think Rings.Who is also feeling in between? In between stages of our lives and in between seasons? Raining da…

05/14/2014 45 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

When I was in London I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Studio Toogood and just to experience THE Toogood headquarters. The thing that hit me first there was that the Studio Toogood looked exactly like the design Toogood that you only get …

05/12/2014 34 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Celine Trio Bag, H&M Conscious Collection Jacket, American Apparel Pocket T-Shirt and Leather Skirt, Adidas Superstars II , Made Her Think Rings and Zara Cuffs.As the weather transitions from Winter to Spring, I ca…

05/09/2014 33 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

I have some really exiting news to share with you today! I am officially a member now of the Residence digital team ! It was an absolute honor to be asked to join their digital team and to contribute the site with my behind the scenes snapshots that you don´t see here so often. I will also blog there about our future house-building process and rekommend interior/product goodies. These images are from my second post where I blogged about the perfect gray wall color. Thank you for the warm welcome Residence in the latest Residence magazine! 

Welcome to follow me there too! 
05/06/2014 15 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Here are photos from my new home in Stockholm that are styled by me and photographed by the best Kristofer Johnsson for Residence Magazine. If you want to see and read more you have to get yourself a copy of the magazine, it is out now./resid…

05/05/2014 33 SEC READ melissa

WEARING: Club Monaco Vest and Clutch, H&M Tank & Sunnies, DIY Ripped Jeans, Aldo Heels and THPS Cuffs.I want to share a quote from Amanda Brooks, the former fashion director of Barneys: “Simple clothes don’t cover things up, they…

04/28/2014 29 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Today opens the first gastro hotel Pm in Växjö Sweden and it´s also the first one in Scandinavia. And for this hotel I have had the assignment to design a new object that would match my pyramids. The result was this geometrical shape in brass called bird. The inspiration for the bird came from the Japanese art form origami, where you fold paper into three-dimensional objects. The objects will look a little bit different on how to place them and how the light reflects on to them and is also works as a bookend.

04/28/2014 52 SEC READ melissa

WEARING:  Zara Blazer and Slip on Sandals, American Apparel Pleated Pants, DIY Crop Top, Celine Trio Bag, Margiela Necklace (Worn as Bracelet) and Galisfly Mid Rings.You can’t ever have too much black, I can now say the sa…

04/26/2014 33 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

There´s always happening something new or just something with my interior. And I just noticed that I haven´t posted a picture about our new brass lamp in the living room. As usually we are doing and testing our prototypes ourselves first in our home. So,so far this is only a prototype. I am going to London next week just to catch up some new inspiration and hopefully visit some design studios. So if you have good advices on what I should not miss while I´m there I´m more than happy to hear about it, just send me an email. annaleena@annaleena.se Thanks in advance!
04/23/2014 18 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

I just stumbled over this raw minimalist lamp designed by Belgium based designer Damien Gernay. The lamp collection that includes a floor light, table lights and chandelier is inspired by a mushroom called veiled lady. But the designer describes the la…

04/22/2014 36 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

As a interior stylist/blogger I browse through every day lots of great pages on the internet and see so many good stuff that I never post about. That´s why I have started now a new label here on the blog called accessories.
The uncrowned king of accessoarier is definitely Danish hay. Although their brand is wide with a solid furniture collection, it is the little accessories that everyone can afford, that has made the brand so famous and loved among non interior interested too. In my own collection of hay I have bought the scissors, golden clips and the round mirror which I use as props to my stylist assignment.

/glass cover,privat
/golden clips,hay

04/21/2014 1 MIN READ melissa

WEARING: Thrift Turtleneck, DIY American Apparel Zipper Pants, H&M Leather Jacket & Heels, Alexander Wang Marion Bag and Zara Cuffs.Take one old, very oversized pair of pants + a pair of scissors and the willingness to cut them up; you&nbs…

04/16/2014 18 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Therese Sennerholt goes to hole new level by launching tomorrow two completely new collections, one with snapshots from her daily life and one with her significant quotes on Swedish handmade enamel signs from Skillinge Emalj. Gotta love this …

04/14/2014 11 SEC READ annaleena karlsson

Here comes the first pictures that I styled for Swedish housing developer Blooc. They are launching next week very exiting house projects and new web page where you can see then the official pictures. /Blooc