Perfect Escape With Aerin Lauder

Hands up if you need a holiday?  If you’re sitting at your desk right now, tapping away at a keyboard much like yours truly, you’ll catch my drift, a girl can never aspire to make time for too many holidays.  Gaining a tan from a computer screen is not necessarily the most romantic way in which one can improve their summer glow,  take it from someone who should know.

Luckily for me I shouldn’t complain, as in the lead up to a series of work related trips (filled to the brim with meetings in air-conditioned offices), I may have managed a very special escape where work and play went hand in hand, just like icy cold Ouzo and the sound of the ocean.

With a weekender bag packed with life’s most basic essentials, i.e. swimsuit, camera, suntan lotion, remote wifi card and ah hem.. my latest new craving Aerin Lauder’s ‘Mediterranean Honeysuckle’, the stage was set for some serious rancho relaxo.  You see thanks to Aerin and the launch of her latest star fragrance, miss Mediterranean Honeysuckle and I were able to share 3 romantic days at sea drifting in the magic that inspired the very namesake of this collection.   Long languid days basking in the salty sea air, lunchtimes lounging on deck with citrusy delights and cool afternoons swept away with the aroma of fresh native flora is enough to make you believe that no matter where you take this bottle, the Mediterranean will join you.  So as sad as it may be that I may have been unable to squeeze you into my suitcase, I strongly advise that the very next best thing, is a splash of Mediterranean Honeysuckle .. oh and I guess an icy cold Ouzo may not go astray either ..

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A very special thank you to Aerin for hosting our island adventure and for allowing us to share in her love of the Mediterranean.

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