Posted on: 09/28/2015 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

These from were the Summer, I’m going to guess July. I would love to be more prompt with these things, especially when it’s for a company as wonderful as Carl Hansen & Søn but sometimes this mom gets a bit overwhelmed with work & the kids, even those really special projects can slip through the cracks for a month…or two.
I’m not going to bore you with the details of working from home with two small kids but most days it takes everything out of me and I go to bed thinking of all that I did not get done. I have to remind myself to focus on what I did accomplish that day and tomorrow’s hope at redemption.

Tardy as I may be, I am even more grateful to have cooperated with Carl Hansen & Søn for their ‘At Home Anywhere in the World’ or #globalhomes campaign featuring some of their amazing furnishings in my own home. Elin & Israel are lucky enough to also have a Peter’s table & chair set which is shipped completely flat and is assembled in just a few short minutes without any tools or hardware! The piece fit together tightly and don’t slip out, very elegant and ingeniously simple.

“Peter’s Chair was designed by Wegner as a present for the baby son of Wegner’s friend and colleague Børge Mogensen. In the war years quality furniture was hard to find – so he made his own.”

Elin likes to push her chair around the house to use as a step stool but she also likes to host tea parties or book club meetings around her table!

I appreciate the quality wood composition and soft rounded edges that give a very subtle childish look. In my opinion this is the nicest child’s table & chair I’ve ever found and I hope to keep even after my kids outgrow it. Maybe someday their children will use it as well. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!