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Not everyone is a minimalist style wise or in terms of how many pieces of clothing one may have, but those of us who are know all too well that you only need to keep the few things and clothes that you often wear, need, or love. Your minimalist wardrobe should have only those essential pieces that properly fit you and those you can mix up to bring a unique look every time you step out of your house. The pieces you choose to add to your wardrobe should serve a deeper purpose other than just your look, and they should be able to keep you warm, make you feel good about yourself, bring out your personality, and keep you cool, warm, dry, or safe from weather extremities. 

The Everyday Tote

Every woman and man needs a great tote bag to keep them going on days when you’ve just got so much to do, so many errands to run, and you need a bag to fit all of your goodies. A minimal design tote bag is something truly essential. Nowadays, there are so many colors and styles to choose from, but probably the most important is which material you pick. Generally, for a minimalist wardrobe, you’d want to pick something made of leather so its durable. For some beautiful, Italian leather tote bags for women, check out sites such as Mirta that offers handmade leather goods (hello durability) that ship to your house from Italy. Having a European designed bag will always give your minimalist aesthetic an edge. 

Crisp Oversized Men’s Oxford Shirt 

Nothing blends flexibility and style like a white oxford shirt because they will never go out of fashion! These shirts look stylish with any outfit, including suits, jeans, or leggins and during summer and winter alike. You can also style this with a pair of tights, sneakers and an oversized blazer to give you an effortless cool girl look. Try to aim to get white and blue colors to maximize the things you are able pair them with. These classy shirts fit in any minimalist wardrobe and serve you on many occasions without giving away your minimalist secret.

The essential coat

It is arguably a fact that the planet is under constant temperature changes, with colder and longer winters than previous years. As such, we all need to keep warm and there no better way than having a stylish essential coat that will keep you warm and keep your look glamourous, even in a blizzard! There are many coats in the market to fit your style and serve a crucial role in your minimalist wardrobe, not making it an easy choice to choose from! Aim to get a black cashmere or wool coat, not only because these will last the longest, but because black will literally go with everything. It’ll also allow you to ooze Scandinavian girl vibes that we all would like to emulate with a minimalist wardrobe! 

Imagine failing to show up to an event because you lack the proper attires to grace the presence of others. Now imagine not ever worrying about what you’ll put on to that perfect date on short notice! The answer to both these scenarios is to have the perfect minimalist wardrobe with all the carefully picked outfits that can blend well with any other outfit. To have the ultimate minimalist wardrobe, take your time to pick the right pieces to fill your wardrobe.