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The term “planned community” can mean several different things. If you’re talking about an exclusive, gated community, that is one way to interpret this expression. You might also be talking about a commune in California that practices veganism, gardening, and traditional hippie ideologies.

When you move into a planned community, there are certain things you will probably like about it. For instance, you’ll likely find some planned community amenities that might attract you to this style of living. 

Let’s discuss how living in a planned community can improve your quality of life.

You Have People Around You

There is a recent trend toward isolationism all around the world. The pandemic probably exacerbated it, but even before Covid-19 showed up, working from home was a contributing factor. Many adults report not having very many friends or none at all.

Living in a planned community means there are people around you. Before you move in, you will presumably meet them to determine whether you’ll feel comfortable with them nearby. If you think you will, you can proceed.

You’re a lot less likely to feel lonely in a planned community. That is an attractive prospect to many people.

Your Life Has Structure

If you live in a planned community, your life also has some degree of structure built into it. In planned communities, you might have responsibilities. If there’s a co-op board, you can sit on the board and make decisions that impact the community. That might help you to feel useful.

In some intentional communities, there are communal dinners. You can cook dinner one night per week, or help to cook it. You might help babysit if other community members have kids. You can expect everyone else to pitch in and help in the same way.

You Have Security

Many planned communities also have more security than the average citizen. On your own, you can always set up security cameras around your house, or you might get a dog for protection. Those are hardly foolproof systems, though.

When you are part of a planned community, you might live in a gated area where you need to show ID to get in. There are guards at the front, and the property is patrolled regularly. 

Even if you do not live in a gated community of that nature, and you live in a more casual setting, when you reside with other families, you know the people around you. If a stranger shows up, you will immediately know they don’t live there. You might not be sure they’re a threat, but you can instantly be on your guard until you find out their identity.

If you’re part of a planned community, it can give you a sense of belonging that is lacking for some people. You can also usually spend less time running errands and more time on recreation.

Communal living is definitely not for everyone, but many people find that they like it if they try it. Perhaps you will be one of them.