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Whether it’s serviced offices in the Brisbane CBD or a corporate building in downtown Boston, office environments greatly affect the productivity and well-being of the employees working in them. A pleasant ambiance can attract and retain talent, while an unpleasant one can push them away. So, how do you create a positive environment employees want to be in?

Below are five practical tips to get you started:

Allow for natural light 

Natural lighting—aka light from the sun—is well known to improve the mood and energy levels of employees. It can also reduce the eye strain, headaches, and fatigue caused by artificial lighting, making it a win on many fronts.

To allow more natural lighting to filter through your office, use windows, skylights, or light tubes. If that’s not possible, invest in lamps that mimic natural light. Additionally, tailor the temperature and brightness of artificial lights to the time of day and tasks at hand.

Carve out a quiet space

Chill spaces—or entirely quiet rooms if you have the space—provide employees with a safe spot to dig into challenging projects that require full concentration. Even if it seems insignificant, background noise can travel around an open office, distracting employees from delving into deep work

A quiet space can get around that hazard, allowing employees to deepen their focus and boost their creativity. To build one, designate a few areas where noise and interruptions are kept to a minimum. Ensure they have comfortable seating, lighting, and ventilation. Setting up some ground rules and best practices can help ensure it stays a quiet and effective place for employees to work. 

Make the office clean and comfortable

Not only does a clean and comfortable office make employees feel at ease, but it also boosts their focus and productivity. This is particularly important when you take into consideration the dangers of germs, dust, and allergens on employee health. 

To create such a clean space, start by decluttering your desk and the surrounding area. Have your employees do the same. Throw out what you don’t need and neatly organize what you do. If need be, hire a professional to give it a deep clean. After that, focus on comfort. Invest in ergonomic chairs and equipment, and keep the kitchen stocked with quality snacks, tea, and coffee. 

Decorate with plants 

Plants do more than create a natural ambiance for the office. They also improve air quality, reduce stress, and improve mental health. In addition, they’re easy to implement—you may not always have the best sources of natural light, but you can always place a few potted plants around the office. 

Start by choosing low-maintenance plants. Succulents, snake plants, and cacti are three easy ones to care for. Then, begin decorating in a way that fits your office. For many, that means potted plants on desks, a few vases in common areas, and hanging baskets wherever appropriate. Don’t forget to water and prune the plants whenever they need it.

Play motivational music 

Music is a universal language. It’s also an incredibly positive mood booster if you choose the right tunes. The right kind of music can perk up the tiredest of employees while adding some motivational fun to the day. 

To select the right music, look for motivational work songs online or defer to a streaming service that suits your taste. Avoid music with lyrics, and as the day progresses and tasks change, you may want to adjust the volume or genre to match. 

Try out the above tips to cultivate a positive office environment that not only boosts productivity but also makes work more satisfying and enjoyable.