Prada Spring Summer 2020

There’s not too many things that can make you smile while you are in the midst of a 29 hour journey from Australia to Milan… But knowing that the Prada Spring 2020 show is waiting for you on the other side has a way of making the journey all the more bearable and yes, even enjoyable.  For this, my second time in Milan for Fashion Week it was a true case of hitting the ground running as I landed and travelled straight from the airport to the Foundazione Prada, counting down the seconds as we weaved through the city traffic, arriving with just minutes to spare and excitement levels such that jet-lag was nowhere to be found. 

As we lucky attendees left the outside world behind us, we walked into the Foundazione Prada to find a pastel dream space transformed by glossy tiles and soft feminine colours, with a slick geometric edge that proved to be a beautiful sign of things to come. 

We took our seats as golden daylight shone through the venue to light the eager fashion crowd, highlighting spots here and there on the segmented runway with a glow fitting of the occasion and the tangible buzz in the air. 

From the very first look the scene was set for a collection that is intentionally styled back, spectacular and sophisticated,  before the show Mrs Prada herself stated ’I wanted to think more about a persons style rather than about fashion, the person is more than the clothes’.  This ethos came to life in the form of elegant and soft suiting, easy flowing dresses, impeccable A-line silhouettes and completely perfect colour combinations.

And while there was a notable theme of splendid simplicity in the air, the ever vibrant Prada details and textures were still on full display; Sparkling filligre, geographic knitwear, pops of brilliant orange and glossy gold weaved throughout the collection, only proving to further compliment the collection as a whole.  Truly stunning but soft, as only Prada can do. 

As always accessories gleaned and glinted, adding the aces to an already winning hand. Bucket bags accompanied uniquely fabulous bucket hats, oversized seashell jewellery, colourful woven platforms and serious loafers. You will want to wear every piece forever, no matter what trends come and go, which cleverly is the purpose of Prada Spring 2020. This is a collection intentionally averse to the modern fast consumerism climate and is instead forging the way forward for a considered take on the fashion cycle that is focused on classics and longevity, rather than a singular season.

After the exquisite cast of models weaved their way through the captive crowd for the final walk, Miuccia Prada herself ever so slightly stepped onto the runway for the briefest of moments. It was a small moment in time reminding us that she the artist, is a true reflection of her art; ever elegant, ever progressive and always leaving us wanting more. xx

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