Prada’s Men’s Designer Collection Targeting Millenials

Miuccia Prada is amongst the most forward thinking fashion designers in the world today. She has spawned so many trends that are still there today. One of the trends she is responsible for is the “ugly-pretty” trend where the use of wrinkled material to come up with attire has become a major hit. Despite the ability to create trends, the Prada’s profits margins have dwindled in recent years because of the inability to embrace modernity.
At a recent menswear show held in Milan, Prada was able to demonstrate her understanding of a great modern subject of virtual reality. It is no secret that most people today, especially young people, live out a huge chunk of their lives online. Her collection at the show entailed models dressed up as though they were workers in a stylish space station.

The shirts had cartoonish graphics imprinted on them. These styles of graphics were also present on the wall of the hangar-like space in which the event was held. It was quite an eyeful to behold. At the event, the company displayed a lot of relatively affordable accessible that may help them connect with the millennial customers. These accessories gave the feeling of what people in the 90s thought the future would be like.

The collection was tied in with another virtual reality event. Fandozione Prada hosted this, where guests were invited to put on VR headsets. Through these headsets, they were given a feel of what it was like for migrants’ crossing over from Mexico into the US.
In April 2017, the company reported a 16$ fall in profit from January. The company has now embraced the digital world, and its clothes can be accessed online for the first time in its history. Many fashion houses seem to be concentrating their efforts around modernity. This was evident during the Milan fashion week for all to see. For those working at these fashion houses, it is the right choice as this is where their biggest customer base is centered. They are simply trying to give millennials what makes them happy.
Another strategy that fashion houses are using is to reach out to influencers. These are people with a huge online following, which can help the companies make the sales they need to survive.