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Finally! A first article on with photos of our new home. It took me long enough, but boy, these last few months have been though. Never underestamate the amount of time and work that goes in to a move. And eventhough we outsourced a lot to contractors, we still had loads of things to do for ourselves. But now, after 6 months since the day of our move (time flies), we are so happy with how everything has turned out and enjoy living in our beautiful home that we have designed and build from scratch. With the little help of an architect and contractor of course. ;)

You might have already seen photos of our new home on my Instagram account, but I wanted to show the final results here as well, since I’ve told you so much about the house and our plans! Kicking off with the kitchen and dining area.
The window of 3×3 meters big (118×118 inches) next to our kitchen island is pretty much the eye candy of our home. It creates so much natural light, and also shows how high our ceiling is (5 meters high). And I love how good our black kitchen looks in this part of the house. At first I was a bit nervous about getting a black kitchen. We even almost changed our order into a white version, but I’m so happy we didn’t!

For our dining area we wanted to bring back the beautiful essen wood from our stairs. So we designed an essen wood table leaf at a wood company. And since I’m such a HAY Design fan, we got the HAY Loop Stand table frame in Black to go with it (eventhough we already had a white version of this table in our old home). But when you love something, you better stick with it, right? And the best part of the Loop Stand table series is that you can easily replace the table leaf with another one. So we’ve used our ‘old’ dining table Loop Stand table legs and added a new, but smaller, table leaf to it and now it’s functioning as a desk in our home office. The minimalism look of the table looks good pretty much in every room, so such a good investment, and practic too! Maybe in a few years, I will add a black table leaf for our dining table, to create an all back version. But for now I’m loving the black metal against the essen wood.

Even though we are far from ready, and I also want (need!) to style our home with new pretty accessoires that match the vibe of our new home, I’m still very pleased!

What part of the house shall I share next? Let me know!

This article is in collaboration with one of my favourite online interior design shops