Posted on: 04/15/2019 Posted by: Cindy Comments: 0

Hello there! After sharing photos of our kitchen area in my previous post (you can read the article here), I’m now sharing photos of the living room. The lightning here is almost magical. I also just love how the shadow creates these beautiful lines throughout the day.

I’m so happy that the living room now is finally how I imagined it to be. For some reason I wasn’t happy with the room layout, and I kept on moving furniture around. Adding things, removing things, replacing things, returning things. It really drove me crazy! But sometimes the smallest adjustments can make such a huge difference. Like adding a carpet, or hanging up a poster on the wall. And somehow it all comes together now. With how it looks with the high ceiling, the interior balcony, the  stairs, and our open kitchen.

So after I was finally done with moving furniture around, I started to accessorize. Even though the color scheme haven’t changed (black, white and grey) comparing with our previous home, I did feel like I need to have different home accessories. To create a more mature look. But I’m still of the beginning of the process, and will keep on adding or replacing things until I finally have the style I want for our home.

On of my recent purchases for the living room is this bench, that I placed in front of our huge open doors, which direct you to our garden. It’s from one of my favourite home designers: Menu. (you can find it here). I actually bought the bench to place in my bedroom, but wanted to see how it looks in the living room. It’s such a versatile and timeless piece that will basically look good everywhere. But right now it’s not going any where. :)

What room do you want to see next?

This article is in collaboration with one of my favourite online interior design shops