Public Displays Of Affection

OK friends, let’s be honest here .. it may have become quite clear that after several years I’ve come to realise what my best assets are, and putting this funny face at the front of every image I shoot is not one of them.  I know it may seem harsh or even as though I lack confidence with my own identity, but ohh to the contrare.

You see, there is something so satisfying for me to shoot images where there is a level of ambiguity to the human element, allowing you my fine reader the opportunity to feel as though my photographs could be of anyone or no-one in particular.  Allowing the eyes to feast on for example, the finer details of the liquidy sleek MSGM top or cascading crystal encrusted Isabel Marant earrings thanks to my lovely friends and creatively supportive advocates at MATCHESFASHION.COM, is where my heart truly lies.

And as for the question of yours truly lacking in confidence when it comes to public situations or personal appearance,  this could laughingly be debated by the burley crew of  roadworkers watching me straddle a curbside hedge filled with spiders or balance mandarins by a busy intersection, all in the name of creativity… ahh the things we do in the name of fashion.

MSGM PVC Top  .  Balenciaga Abstract Skirt  .  Balenciaga Knife Boot .  Isabel Marant Crystal Embellished Earrings  .  Karen Walker Shipwreck Square Frame Sunglasses



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