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Location scouting and I are never friends although hopefully you would never realise it.  At this point in time we’ve worked our magic against quite a few relatively challenging backdrops to say the least, a roadside quarry, an abandoned house, and even in my own backyard which isn’t so too bad just a little on the overgrown side of things (I’m sure the trampoline is still in there somewhere lols!).   However there is one thing that you get very good at when you have limited resources and that is making the most with what you’ve got baby!
Down a dusty road near my local airport we were lucky enough to come across this grassy location, vast enough to not capture any 747’s and unpopulated enough to launch a zorb ball into the air without gathering any unwanted attention, this is our latest Oracle Fox Journal editorial .. ‘Saara’.

Inspired by a quote from one of my favourite poets Rumi .. “you are the sky my spirit circles in” from the poem ‘I Have Five Things To Say’ the theme surrounds how a love of light and how it travels through circles.  Pieces selected from some of our favourite designers such as Rejina Pyo, Balenciaga, Ellery and our own T-shirts from OF By Amanda Shadforth are styled with objects such a Venetian glass bubbles collected on my travels through Italy, and an inflatable zorb ball .. btw the BTS are hilarious if you have a chance to check out our instal-stories.  Circular objects and details right down to the buttons on the plaid coat are tied into the reference and for me personally each detail is never to small to overlook.

Even though it may have been a steamy 35 degrees C. outside hopefully you would never know.   My camera may have steamed up and the zorb zip may have melted but with professionals like our beautiful friend Saara, my favourite sister from another mister makeup artist Penny and our very clever videographer Michael Antuar, anything is possible.

We hope that you enjoy … xx Mandy

photography + styling + creative direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  model: Saara via Kult Models  .  hair & makeup: Penny Antuar  .  videographer: Michael Antuar  .  assistant: Paul Castle


Look 1 .. T-shirt: ‘Oui-OF Course’: Of by Amanda Shadforth .  Suit: Vintage  .  white shirt: Balenciaga  .   white heels: Rejina Pyo
Look 2 ..  T-shirt: OF – OF by Amanda Shadforth  .  blazer: Alexander McQueen  .  pants: Alexander McQueen  .  shoes: Rejina Pyo
Look 3 .. T-Shirt: OF – OF by Amanda Shadforth  .  plaid suit: Kimhēkim
Look 4 .. T-shirt: ‘At A Glance’: Of by Amanda Shadforth  .  pin striped trousers: Max Mara
Look 5  .. Red Coat: Max Mara  .  red pants: Isabel Marant Etoile  .  white heels: Rejina Pyo
Look 6  .. T-shirt: ‘Oui OF Course’: Of by Amanda Shadforth  .  floral dress: Ellery
Look 7 .. T-shirt: ‘First Glance’ OF by Amanda Shadforth  .  plaid coat: Acne  .  skirt: Joseph

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