Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon

Travelling abroad is now become a little unrealistic for me, after flying home from Kos at 28 weeks I decided it was probably my limit for comfort. That hasn’t stopped me dreaming up future travel destinations to visit once the little one has arrived and we’re feeling settled. I’ve been hoping to get back to Lisbon this year, as I loved it so much when I was last there and there’s still so much I want to explore. How dreamy would it be to go back and stay here at Santa Clara 1728?

The Santa Clara 1728 hotel is located on a square in the Alfama district, the oldest in Lisbon. João Rodrigues and his family have taken a fresh approach to the hotel industry. They took an ancient Lisbon building and imbued it with warmth and comfort, to create a space that feels like home to the guests they welcome. João worked with architect Manuel Aires Mateus to evolve the old building in a way that would respect its past whilst bringing light and warmth to its rooms. They chose to use local materials (such as Lioz limestone, pine wood for the floors and handmade tiles), traditional building methods and handmade furniture.

There are just 6 large suites which look out towards the Tagus River. The rooms are decorated with furniture from B&B Italia and Carl Hansen, as well as bathtubs and sinks made from Lioz limestone. Breakfast and lunch are served on a long table in the dining room, encouraging guests from different cultures and countries to get to know each other. There’s also a bright secluded garden with lemon trees where you can sit, relax and read.

It looks like the most calming and relaxing place to stay, the perfect base for our next visit to Lisbon.

Photography Muse&Makers, Nelson Garrido, Nikolay Ivanov, Renée Kemps & Syvona Askayo

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