Santorini summer house by Kapsimalis Architects is formed of bright white blocks

This bright white summer house on the Santorini coastline comprises a series of staggered blocks, designed by Kapsimalis Architects to reflect the traditional housing on the Greek island (+ slideshow).

Greek architects Alexandros Kapsimalis and Marianna Kapsimali designed the family retreat for a sloping plot on the outskirts of the village of Messaria.

Each room of the residence is contained within a white-rendered block and stacked irregularly to give the house an asymmetric form.

This arrangement gives sea views to the northeast, to the village of Pirgos to the south, and to a small southeast-facing garden where the residents grow their own vegetables.

“The form is a synthesis of cubistic white volumes, as a contemporary translation of the traditional cubistic architecture found in the villages of Santorini with a clear influence from Modernism,” explained the architects.

“Their arrangement and their shapes give variety in the perception of space, shape various sitting and studying corners, enhance the fluidity of space horizontally and vertically, and contribute to better natural lighting through patios and skylights.”

Blocks containing the living room, dining area and kitchen are arranged around a patio containing a palm tree and outdoor seating, while two guest suites are secluded to the rear.

A centrally placed staircase connects to a master suite and two childrens’ rooms on the smaller upper floor.

White walls and pale grey floors feature throughout to create a bright and spacious appearance, and the lounge features simple built-in furniture in keeping with the “clean-cut concept of the building”.

A combination of cement and grey marble add subtle variation to the tone and texture of the flooring, while accents of colour come from pastel pink and yellow textiles, and metallic furniture.

Glass doors open onto shaded patios and terraces set between the blocks, offering extensions to the indoor living spaces.

“A distinctive aspect of the common space are the multiple points of view – cross views, straight line and diagonal views – that emerge as a result of the position of each block,” explained the architects.

“The synthesis of the building volumes, the formation of its facades in relation to the orientation and the greenery planting have positive impact to the development of a favorable microclimate of natural shading and cooling during the summer months.”

Kapsimalis Architects has previously completed other properties in Santorini following the same aesthetic. These include a house with a series of pools and an apartment building built into a hillside.

Photography is by Julia Klimi.

Ground floor plan – click for larger image
First floor plan – click for larger image
Section – click for larger image

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