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I’m still working on plans for my home office, which is more likely going to be a home office corner rather than a whole room but I’m happy with that. I’ve been looking at some of my favourite interior design brands and have come up with this wish list of products for my perfect Scandinavian home office. You can see the inspiration for these pieces here in this post which I shared a couple of weeks ago. My idea is to create a space with just enough storage to keep things neat and tidy but not so much that it will encourage me to keep more than I need. I’d like it to feel clean and calm so I can stay focused, as I’m easily distracted by clutter and always feel the need to clear things away before I can begin on a piece of work.

I always like to have artwork around me and this print I’ve selected by Tom Shaw has this beautiful light and earthy moodiness, it’s the sort of photograph I can escape into in moments of chaos. I also like to have flowers or foliage on my desk, it’s another way to bring nature inside and has a calming effect on me. I recently discovered Flowerbx in London, they have a really nice selection of flowers and foliage (including eucalyptus) that can be delivered to your door.

Comfort is majorly important to me and is the reason I selected this particular chair by HAY. I’ve been testing out my favourite designs whenever I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months and this one came out on top for me. I haven’t managed to find it online but it is available in COS’s Kensington High Street store (sorry if you’re not based in London, it may be worth contacting HAY to find your local stockist).

I’ve been obsessed with this Skagerak desk for ages and ages! It’s called the Georg, named after designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm’s son. There are more pieces in the Georg series, all equally as beautiful in design, with a softness to each of them, thanks to their smooth rounded edges. The desk is a fairly standard size but if you’re looking for something slightly smaller, the Console Table is a little narrower and shallower.

1. Another Country Loch Assynt Print by Tom Shaw | 2. Melo Orb in Ash | 3. Menu Conic Table Lamp (USA here) | 4. Flowerbx Small Apothecary Vase | 5. String Pocket Shelving in Ash | 6. HAY Laptop Brush (USA here) | 7. Skagerak Georg Desk in Oak | 8. HAY About A Chair AAC 22 in Black Stained Oak Veneer | 10. HAY Small Glass Bottle | 11. HAY Dot Low Glass Set (2) (USA here) | 12. Ferm Living Square Magazine Holder (USA here)

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