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If only we were currently swimming in the fresh blue waters in the heart of Italy right now.   Alas the fantasy it is not so, and as the reality of mountains of editing from my latest shoot (which I cannot wait to show you my lovely friends) literally ‘sinks’ in I can only dream of floating feet up in my birthday suit in this heavenly location while hopefully no-one watches.

Anywho I digress, my real reason for being here today is not to overshare TMI mental visuals of yours truly nude-ing it up (post wax I promise) in paradise but to relate something close to my heart.  Some time ago I created a special category on Oracle Fox called the Oracle Fox journal which began as a curated journey of my own editorial work as a photographer as well as the work of some of my favourite creatives.   Born from the desire to create a non-commercial online space for creatives to share with pure joy and glutinous abandon their creative work without being inhibited by clients or brand directions.

Today I share with you the latest submission to the journal titled Sensation, created by Laura Gavrilenko and Rid Burman, a very clever duo based in Paris.

Inspiration for this beautiful body of work stemmed from Arthur Rimbaud’s poetry, where a combination of surrealism and symbolism are strongly expressed. The poem “Sensation” depicts a celebration of the universe around us and then universe within us, the exact feelings of the duo on the day of the editorial, shot at Lago d’Iseo in Italy, where we will soon be moving our HQ .. no seriously, ok maybe not just yet.

I can feel the Mediterranean Sea on my skin just looking at these beautiful images, an Italian holiday is definitely on the cards.  And friends please feel free to send in your submissions to the Oracle Fox Journal through the contact page on our website, we can’t wait to see what you put together .. sans swimwear or non .. xx

creative director: Laura Gavrilenko  .  photographer: Rid Burman

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