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I thought I share with you my tips and tricks to picking out gems on Chinese wholesale sites. 

First, know your exact measurements. Most, if not all Asian sites have the measurements of the clothes as well as an accompanying diagram of how each item was measured. This is really important, especially if you are buying anything online. 
There is a huge misconception that Asian clothing runs smaller, and that you should always size-up. You should never do this is, if you don’t know your exact measurements. For instance, within the same site: two different pairs of jeans can both be labeled small. However, the waist on one is 70cm and the other 60cm. One is 4x large than the other, even though they are both smalls.
Once you have figured out your size, you need to identify which items will be of good quality. To do this always look at the reviews or styled photos on actually purchasers/or bloggers. If there are no reviews for the item you want, look at the material of the item and the details on it.
I always see people complain about items that are too sheer compared to what they expected. This surprises me as, it is a no brain-er that items will be considerably sheer if it is made out of chiffon. Chiffon items are light weight and sheer, polyester mix has a slinky look and feel, and cotton is stiffer. If you don’t like the sheer look, stay away from chiffon items. If you don’t like stiff shirts stay away from cotton.
Also, make a mental checklist of what details you hate on clothing and stay away from those things. This is important, because it might look cute on the site, but once you try it on in person it is most likely that you are going to hate it. So it is just better to ‘x’ out those items.
Below is my personal checklist of things I stay away from:
Dolman Sleeves
Balloon Sleeves
Cable Knits
cropped sweaters
marble knits
As you can see I am very picky with knits. Being picky with what details I dislike or like on knits has paid off in the long-run as all of my favorite knits are from Chinese wholesale sites.
& Finally, know that most wholesale sites do not have items on hand, they work with different manufactures and have to check with them. So to make sure you do not have to replace an item for an out of stock one, sort the page by most recent and try not to get something so far back.
Also, if they have a shipped with 24hrs category those are a better bet. But, do note that items are still shipped from China and will take time. 
The wait time for items to get delivered is the biggest complaint I see. Shoppers or newbies to Chinese wholesale sites need to realize that shipping and processing times are different things. 
The processing time is how long it usually takes the wholesaler to find the item from a manufacture and get it to them.
The shipping time is dependent upon where you are located and which shipping method you choose.
Take both into consideration if you need an item by a specific date. 
There is also some confusion with the ’24 hours ship’ category. So I thought I would clear that up. If you purchase something from ’24hours ship.’ It does not mean that you are going to get your item at your door in 24 hrs. I know its a bit confusing, but trust me. 24hours shipping items are explained as items that are usually on hand and can be processed within 24 hours. Shipping times on these items are still dependent on your location from where it is being shipped from and which shipping method you picked.