Shooting After Olaplex

At the weekend I was treated to my first Olaplex treatment by the team at Blue Tit, in their recently opened salon in Brixton. They are well known for their creative colouring skills and this is why they work with Olaplex, a hair treatment that reduces breakage and damage to colour-treated hair. I’ve had my hair highlighted for many years and it’s taken its toll. Last year I noticed that my hair was so damaged in places that it was breaking off, so I stopped using hair straighteners and opted for high-lift tint instead of bleach whenever I got my hair coloured. I’ve since taken quite an interest in any products that can improve the quality of my hair. The Olaplex treatment comes in three stages, the first is combined with the colour or lightener, the second is used after the colour has been rinsed and the third is for home use. I experienced just the second stage as I wasn’t getting my hair coloured. I noticed that where my hair was previously really dry at the ends, it felt a lot healthier and looked thicker than before.

Thank you to the lovely team at Blue Tit, Lidia and Harriet!

I’m wearing:
Ace & Tate Rae Sunglasses* | Second Female Stripe Panda Blouse* | Missoma Engravable Initial Necklace in Gold* | CFconcept Tusk Necklace in Gold | Second Female Brook New Cape Cardigan in Light Brown* | Topshop Moto Straight Leg Jeans in Dark Blue | Danielle Foster Charlie Bag in Khaki | Renné Halo Bangle in Silver* | Adidas Originals Stan Smith Trainers c/o MonShowroom

Photography: Moeez from the app Comb

*given to me to review and featured because I love it!

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