Posted on: 07/03/2018 Posted by: Cindy Comments: 0

So, there are two things I’m excited about at the moment: 1. SUMMER! Which means lot’s of barbecues with friends and family and late night wine sessions in the garden. (YES!) 2. PRIME DAY on Amazon is coming! Which means lot’s of discounts, free shipping, and a good excuse to go (online) shopping. :)

Let me begin by explaining what ‘Prime Day‘ is.. It’s kind of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but then bigger and better. First of all, you need to be a Prime Member on Amazon to have access to Prime Day. Why? Because as a Prime Member you can shop till you drop online on Amazon with lots of great deals across shopping categories such as interior design, clothing, beauty products and many more. You will enjoy special prices, next day delivery and even free shipping. And only for us Prime members, Amazon is having a Prime Day. In these 36 hours you will find the lowest prices in 365 days. So mark you calendar: 16 july 2018.

Let the crazy summer sale begin!

Here are my favourite items to create a perfect outside dining setting:

1. Barbecue
2. Menu dinner plates
3. Black salad servers
4 . Menu wine carafe
5. Wine glasses
6. Menu pepper and salt grinder
7. String lights
8. Fire pit

PS: On Amazon you can subscribe yourself for a free trial month. After that month you will pay only 3,99eu per month for the first months.