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There is a pile of clothes on the floor of my room right now that could resemble the great mountain ranges of the Andes, all in the name of finding a comfortable fitting and preferably stylish knit jumper.  Honestly you wouldn’t believe it to be that hard to find such a good wardrobe essential but my life to date has been all about collecting chunky Givenchy ankle boots and impractically perfect weighty and somewhat expensive handbags.  Luckily for me I’m friends with one of the most beautiful people in the Australian Fashion Industry who’s stylishly educated on the topic of looking effortlessly classic… enter Ms Kate Waterhouse.  With the previously aforementioned reputation, Kate and luxury denim brand Skin & Threads  teamed up to create a collection for girls like you and I so that we no longer had to search our wardrobes for the perfect luxury basics.  So.. with a suitcase of Skin & Threads and Kate as the muse we spent the day shooting some of Kate’s favourite pieces from the collection and in the ridiculously cool warehouse space of Sibella Court’s ‘Society Inc’.  I can now safely say that a collection like this is far too good for the bedroom floor and beauty like this ain’t just skin deep .. x

Skin & Threads X Kate Waterhouse Campaign photographed by Amanda Shadforth 

For all of the behind the scenes of my shoot with Kate head to Episode 3 of Fashion Bloggers on E!

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