Skincare Line-Up

I’m off to Paris tomorrow with just one piece of hand luggage… solid idea for FW? Let’s see. It was a bit of a challenge to narrow done my travel essentials, but I think I’ll be able to make it work… with some extra space in my suitcase to bring some of those French skincare favourites back to Berlin, of course ;-) Being forced to keep the number of outfits low and my skincare line-up small, it gave me the great opportunity to figure out which products I currently truly love and absolutely need to bring. These made the cut:

CLEANSE/ Currently using this Shiseido WASO honey cleanser to get rid off make-up and dirt at the end of the day.

TONE/ This NUORI Vital Unifier has been the perfect toner for my skin. I use it in the morning on a cotton pad to cleanse my face and in the evening I simply spray it on and pat it into the skin. It’s refreshing and makes my skin glow and feel hydrated.

MAGIC/ I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but I’m glad I picked this SkinSolve Tightening Retinol Beauty Oil up a few weeks back. It’s the first time I am using an oil like this and I love it. Normally not a fan of lavender, but putting this oil on my face makes me feel instantly relaxed.

HYDRATE/ Another product from the Shiseido WASO line: this gel cream is super hydrating and refreshing. I use it day & night and sometimes add it to my hair ends too.

GLOW/ I received this NIOD Photography Fluid last week and have only used it a couple of times now, but I really like what it does. I have yet to see the effects in my photos (it promises beautiful skin as if a filter was applied), so I’ll properly test it in Paris…

MOISTURIZE/ Yet another Shiseido WASO product (testing them all and really enjoying it!): the colour-smart moisturizing cream. Not quite your regular tinted moisturizer – this one is super light and yet still feels quite rich when applied. Bonus: SPF 30!