Sliding glass doors connect a Belgian house extension with its poolside patio

This residential extension in Kortrijk, Belgium, by local architect Steven Vandenborre has full-height sliding doors lining its inner facades to enable its occupants to step straight out onto a poolside terrace (+ slideshow).

The extension to a 1970s villa in the city’s Marke district was designed by Steven Vandenborre to improve the property’s outdoor spaces and provide additional rooms that make the most of the available sunlight.

“The most interesting and sunny garden in front of the house wasn’t being used,” Vandenborre told Dezeen. “Because the existing house was too small, we positioned new living spaces and bedrooms in the courtyard.”

A car port is accommodated beneath a raised section at the far end of the courtyard, which features a swimming pool.

A ramp descends from the street to the sheltered parking space, which is topped with a large wall that cantilevers over the void.

This wall flanks the end of the courtyard and creates privacy from neighbouring properties as well as protection from the wind.

Another concrete surface that stretches out from the rear of the existing property forms a boundary wall for two bedrooms, a bathroom and a staircase connecting the new wing with the carport below.

The main house features concrete floors, wood, white-painted brick walls and open spaces that informed the materials used for surfaces throughout the courtyard and extension.

“The ceilings in the existing house are made from concrete with wooden formwork so we put this accent on the new exterior walls,” said Vandenborre. “This way you have a nice relationship between inside and outside; the rough character matches very well with the garden.”

Vandenborre claimed the extensive use of concrete is also a tribute to Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens, whose Brutalist-style buildings from the 1960s applied the material both inside and out.

Concrete paving slabs extend from the patio surrounding the swimming pool into the living spaces, emphasising the transition between the areas.

Sliding glass doors allow views in and out when closed and can be pulled aside to completely open up the space to outdoors.

“When the glass walls are opened the courtyard comes inside the house,” added Vandenborre. “The glass walls are made as large as possible to get a nice contrast between the silence of glass and the rough changing concrete.”

Interiors are painted white to maximise the natural light. The addition is intended to provide its owners with a sheltered poolside space that evokes the feel of a holiday home.

Photography is by Tim Van de Velde.

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