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Lately I’m all about (or trying to be all about) slow fashion rather than high street. For years we were taught it either has to be luxury or cheap and any designer who tried to do something in between – luxury basics, handmade goods, ethical fashion – were doomed. Luckily consumers started turning their faces to the good side, appreciating the value of design and quality for the price they actually deserve, and new wave bloggers and influencers play a big role in this change. I hardly ever enter Zara anymore (I still shop there every now and then, but compared to how much I used to buy before it’s almost nothing), only check H&M for accessories and couple of trendy pieces every season and I don’t even pass by other high street retailers.

Now I buy one slow fashion item instead of buying 10 of the knock off and my wardrobe has become so much more refined and of quality lately. One of the hardest parts of shopping slow though is the custom tax and duties of Canada. Since independent designers don’t offer prepaid tax options and not all of them are stocked in big retailers, it sometimes turn into a struggle to find what I’m looking for and that’s why I value Canadian shops that carry independent brands more than ever.

Chance & Fate is one of those beautiful online shops based in Toronto that provide customers with a carefully curated selection of luxe basics and fashion pieces that will complement and elevate any wardrobe. And The Sept is a Munich based small fashion label dedicated to minimalism and clean design I discovered thanks to Chance & Fate. They make the best effortless pieces from materials such as cotton, viscose and cashmere – all made in Portugal – like this sleek black ribbed cotton dress, which is now officially my favorite summer piece.

I’m normally not a body con girl so it took the best fabric and best cut in the world to make me wear one with so much love. And the craziest thing is while I saw an everyday look in this dress; my husband saw a beautiful night dress that I can wear out for cocktails and with the simple change of shoes it really did transform perfectly from daily to chic. Please don’t blame me if every time you see me out in Montreal I’m wearing this dress, get one and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

. Black cotton ribbed dress The Sept via Chance & Fate
. White Old Skool sneakers Vans
. Birkin basket bag Space Rocket Store