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Smart homes have become one of the property market’s biggest trends, and in 2019, things are set to advance even further in this sector. Whether it’s adding a voice assistant device to your kitchen or using a smart meter to measure your water and energy use in the home, many of us are already utilising smart technology in the home to some extent. Not only can smart home trends make life easier, but those using certain technology can also benefit from more eco-friendly living and less energy waste. If you’re interested in smart home technology and what it holds for the new year, take a look at some of the biggest trends predicted for 2019.


Home voice assistants


Home voice assistants have taken off in a big way over the last few years. Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are taking the world by storm, with more and more people being attracted to the idea of finding out information, playing music, or even online shopping with just a command. For 2019, voice assistants will continue to grow in popularity, but with a few new levels of integration expected. Think voice assistant integration for TV’s, toys, and even toilets, whilst the big names in voice assistant technology will also have some announcements to make.


Smart lighting


Lighting is one of the main components of smart home technology, with motion detection and voice activation being a notable trend for home lighting in the industry. Smart and high-end lighting, such as that in properties from companies like RW Invest, will continue to be popular in 2019. Features like long-lasting bulbs with different tones, colours and ambient settings will become more popular within the 2019 property market and be a common occurrence in a number of homes. Certain smart lighting bulbs come with features that integrate the light with a range of app’s and platforms like the Apple Watch or Alexa, and can be a lot more affordable than you might think.


Advanced home security


Home security is reaching new levels, with advancements in technology catering to the extra cautious homeowner. A number of companies will launch more sleek and high-resolution video cameras for outside the home, while other advancements will include drones being used for home security, artificial intelligence home monitoring devices, and smart locks. The biggest trend of all for 2019 in the way of security will be a new and advanced range of video doorbells, with features that rival technology from past years.


Innovative kitchen appliances


Kitchen technology remains a strong element of smart home trends, with some big predictions planned to change the game for 2019. We already have appliances with built-in computer screens and speakers that let people order food shopping or find recipes straight from their kitchen. In 2019, experts predict that new appliance technology will include advancements such as machines that auto dispense detergent, and fridges that reduce food waste by creating recipes centered around the ingredients you have in your fridge.