So Frenchy So Chic: Part 3

Bonjour and welcome to Paris, one of my favourite homes away from home.  After several years of visiting Paris for Fashion Week you would think that by now that I’d almost be part French .. no?  But alas mes amours.. ce n’est pas ainsi …(sigh) it is not so.

The most Frenchy So Chic that this girl ever pretends to be is to carry around baguettes on the weekend or to attempt to read the newspaper even though it’s not written in English.   I have however discovered, much like many other countries I’ve visited, that the more you look the part, the more that those who live there will accept you as one of their own.

For instance a very simple trench coat is a staple wardrobe for French girls not matter what the age, messy hair and smudgy eyeliner comes with a certain air of nonchalant sophistication and a mode of transport that compliments it’s owners faboosh outfits certainly doesn’t go astray.  With my handy (and very handsome) Maserati in tow, I set out to uncover my favourite personal tips on living like a true French girl, à la mode as they say.

You see you don’t necessarily need to learn French make the most of life in Paris and with a few snappy tips and a very stylish ride, we hit the road and navigated our way around town.  And for any of my loyal friends out there who hope to travel to this magical place, I hope you’re able to pick up one or two cheeky clues on how this girl and maybe you too can live life like a Parisian, pastry consumption encouraged of course..x

A special thank you to Maserati Australia for once again hosting us in Paris in this beautiful ride and to our favourite French gentleman, our driver Jean-Christophe.

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