Posted on: 07/28/2017 Posted by: eliffilyos Comments: 0

One of the best feelings in life (besides peeing when you have to and drinking water when you’re thirsty) (or seeing that one item you’ve been lusting after for so long on sale) (OK there are many amazing feelings but this is also good) is finding something hanging in your wardrobe from years ago not only into which you can fit but also is super trendy. I must admit I haven’t worn these “Millennial Pink” pants a lot since I bought them but now seems like the perfect time to give them another chance. I feel like Princess Bubblegum in a cool oversized blazer.

. Checked blazer Stylenanda (similar here & here)
. Pink tapered pants H&M (similar here)
. Khaki suede slingback flats Vintage
. Cat eye sunglasses Gucci