Spice up Your Minimal Interior Whilst Keeping it Simple

Who has been visiting Tao of Sophia the last years, knows that my style was more minimal before. My home in Amsterdam used to be entirely monochrome. I used to be obsessed with black and white and everything colored scared me to death.

I might be so trend-sensitive that I was just reacting on the minimal trend. Or maybe I had start developing my personal style from scratch. Getting to understand style and design by minimalism and evolving my own signature style from there. Slowly adding more colors, prints and materials.

The super minimalistic interior images on Pinterest don’t really attract my attention anymore. I find it boring. The ones above definitely appealed to me though. They show some great ideas to spice up your minimal interior whilst keeping it simple. A concrete floor with a cool stencil, some greenery on unexpected places and adding a soft color here and there.


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