Sportmax Spring Summer 2020


When travelling it’s always good advice to ‘do as the locals do’ as they say. So, while in Milan for the Spring 2020 shows, I wasted no time in sampling many a plate of Risotto alla Milanese in the Brera District, window shopped the afternoon away at Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle and found myself lost in the crowd at Piazza del Duomo…. Perhaps these activities are closer to the ‘tourist’ category, but doing so while wearing Sportmax will have you looking and feeling like a true local. 

I have long been a fan of Sportmax and their eclectic-cool aesthetic, so it came as no surprise that this is exactly what was delivered for their Spring 2020 collection. 

We took our seats in a large dark room with a ceiling of vast sails above us. As the music began the sails were activated rocking back and forth while the beautiful Rebecca Longendyke appeared, lighting up the runway as she walked down in a black leather look that was both strong and breezy. With each new look, the runway became a scene of flowing movement which mirrored the ceiling above. 

For this collection, Sportmax offered a theme of the sea and open ocean, however doing so in a subtle way which came to life through the movement of the textiles and clever details, rather than obvious motifs. 

Easy flowing tailoring as if made of liquid matched with hard leather harnesses and serious belts, always in a beautiful rich tan which accentuated the clean colour palette of the whole collection.  Laced details, knots, eyelets and crisp whites scattered throughout subtly nodded to the theme, but only in the coolest of ways – After all this is what Sportmax does so well; clean form, innovation and wearability but with a hint of something inventive and deconstructed in each look. 

One of my favourite looks was a navy shorts suit cut to knee length, featuring a belt double up modelled by Olivia Vinten, for me it was the perfect epitome of the ‘unconventional femininity’ that the brand is so well known for. 

Chic and easy-going, Sportmax Spring 2020 is a beautifully cohesive collection that is well anchored to Sportmax DNA, while setting forth on new and stylish seas (pardon the pun). xx 


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