Squarestreet Designs and Develops Elegant Contemporary Timepieces

Founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden by Alexis Holm, Scandinavian lifestyle label Squarestreet designs and develops elegant contemporary timepieces with one foot in minimalist modernity and the other firmly rooted in traditional wristwatch aesthetics. Bridges the gap between antiquity and modernity. Introducing SQ38 Plano timekeeper, a neoclassic unisex timepiece exudes both simplicity and symmetry.

SQ38 Plano collection which has been on the spotlight among watch collectors, influencers and shops from around the globe since its launch. SQ38 Plano offers the neo-classic unisex watch model in either Italian genuine leather strap, Swedish Reindeer leather strap, or their in-house development SUPLON Nylon strap.
Named after the Spanish word for “Flat”, Plano features an oversized 36mm pane of glass made from hardened mineral, covering almost the entire front of the watch. This lends it both an air of fragility and elegance all at once.


Squarestreet slimmest watch to date, Plano stands a mere 6.7mm tall, but still manage to outperform it’s thicker counterparts. The Swiss 715 Movement by Ronda offers up a staggering 42 months of runtime with 3-hand readout and date window at the 3 O’clock position. Custom heavy duty twist off caseback makes for easy serving, and the screw in lug bars make changing straps a breeze to suit any occasion.
The mid-style 38mm Plano rests on a solid aesthetic foundation, forged by centuries of horology. The Plano, Sliced Wafer thin with a hairline bezel and spindly lugs, may, at a glance, appear entirely classic and slightly conservative, but upon closer inspection, a wealth of contemporary detailing and clever solutions present themselves.

Intersecting concentric circles, typical of Squarestreet watches, emanate from the center as well as the date window adding an extra dimension of detail and neoclassic beauty.

To step up their game, the delicate dial of the Plano watch has also just been completely reimagined. Painstakingly decorated with a sunray finish before being carefully inked in transparent coats of either green, blue or orange, resulting in a deep colour that is neither too bright in appearance nor too dull in demeanour.

Each carefully chosen combination of case and dial tells a story. Silver and Sapphire makes us close our eyes and imagines calm waters and a light breeze as we slowly sail through the Swedish Archipelago. Gold and Emerald transports us instead to an afternoon of croquet on an old estate in the English countryside.

All Squarestreet products carry that distinctly Scandinavian touch. A certain cleanliness and sharpness that only comes when material, color and cut intersect perfectly.

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