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I was in Los Angeles for only a few weeks, but it felt like living there for a while. I got to chance to explore the entire city (as far as that is possible for LA) but good enough to imagine myself living there permanently. Which kinda became a dream for me.

The iconic Stahl House designed by architect Pierre Koenig represents this dream; living in Los Angeles, in a modern house, on the hills, with a view over the city. Big dream, I know. But to me.. it feels good to dream big. It makes me feel free, like everything is possible. It even makes me believe, because everything is possible. And above all, it gives me energy and motivates me. What is more significant than that?

CaseApp gave me the opportunity to design a custom Macbook case. It’s awesome that any image is possible (talking about possibilities..). I decided to go for a photo of the Stahl House as an extra reminder of my dreams. You can now design your laptop case with a 20% discount with the code ‘TAOOF20CA’.


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