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This contemporary firehouse by Canadian studio STGM Architectes features facades made of metal, glass and wood, with interior spaces awash in white finishes and natural light.

Called Fire Station #5, the building is located on the outskirts of Lévis, a town that sits along the St Lawrence River in Quebec.

Encompassing 1,500 square metres, the fire station comprises flat-roofed volumes of varying heights. Metal, glass and wood were all used for exterior walls.

“The contemporary building is simple in its form and in the materials used, with black aluminium cladding punctuated by silver parts and large glass sections,” said STGM Architectes, a studio with offices in Montreal and Quebec City.

Taller parts of the station contain garages for the department’s eight fire trucks, while lower volumes house living spaces.

The upper portion of the facades angle outward, serving as eaves while adding visual interest.

Entrances to the station are marked by small wooden boxes, which were also incorporated indoors.

“These boxes are scaled down in contrast to the rest of the building to bring it closer to a human scale,” the studio said.

The interior layout is designed to maximise space and provide a comfortable atmosphere for occupants. An abundance of windows in the garage areas usher in natural light and offer views of the rural setting.

Offices and conference rooms were situated in the front of the facility, while the living room and kitchen were placed in the rear in order to provide more privacy.

Rooms are markedly restrained in terms of finishes and decor. Grey and white dominate most areas, with red chairs and painted doorways adding splashes of colour.

“The interior, with its white surfaces, has a calm and relaxing effect,” the studio said.

Other firehouses include an Oregon station by Hennebery Eddy Architects that is clad in charred wood, and a rose-hued station in the Alps by Pedevilla Architects.

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