Posted on: 02/16/2016 Posted by: Jennifer Hagler Comments: 0

Not long ago I shared photos of Menu‘s displays at some of the furniture fairs in France and Copenhagen but they also have some really great design in their current collection, one of my favorites being the Stick System.
This actually isn’t new to our house, we’ve had it a few months but it is new to the living room. I moved it from our bedroom (you can see it here) because after a bit of trial and error it made more sense with the way we use the living room for magazine storage. The deep oak of the ‘sticks’ is a welcome addition of warmth where the rest of the room is mostly some shade or grey or black.
The great thing about the design of the Stick system is the easy assembly and how simple it is to add sections for extra height or width.

But seriously, I need that watering can.