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Being in Europe this summer makes me want to do lots of little trips. I booked flights to Budapest for in about two weeks, Im planning to spend several days in Paris, a road trip to the South of France and who knows what else!

I love European summer! We got these days in Bali that the sky is light blue and the air feels softer than usual. Domino and I would say it reminds us of European summer.

Me and my friends are always saying that it’s easier to be stylish in Europe than in Bali. It’s often too hot on the island to care about your outfit. Forget about the jacket: you will sweat your ass off. Forget about a hat: you’re wearing a helmet on the way to the party. A fancy bag? Be sure to hide it all the time, especially on the bike. There are lots of bag snatchers in Bali. Trust me, it happens a lot! Girls are pulled off their bikes every day.

But a European summer it is. I can’t wait to stroll through cities in a cute outfit!



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