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1. the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively.
“the sprawl of suburbia into the surrounding countryside”
A plane flying high above the stratosphere paves it’s way through the clouds with a long white cotton trail; somewhere in the distance a lawn mower hums along to the sound of the passing traffic and the happy chirps of willy wagtails, while a neighbour over the fence pegs out the washing on her fold-out Ikea clothesline.. this is suburbia.  
The suburban theme is by no means a new one and has been depicted in novels, cinema and through some of our favourite songs for decades documenting a time-capsule of urban trends as they come and go.  David Bowie, Arcade Fire and the Pet Shop Boys are just some of our favourite recording artists who’ve put their thoughts of suburbia to a song.
Through years of suburban living we’ve become creatures dependant on gadgets and gizmos, doodads and devices, tablets and appliances of convenience, to enable us to live a more ideal utopia.. but what about the inner calling?  The calling for the outside, the outdoors, the wild, the abundant, the tempestuous, the beautiful and the beyond?  Is it just me, or is there an underlying feeling that the balance needs to shift, and if it’s convenient I’m happy to bring a little bit of convenience with me (just one iPhone would be it!) to a world where the new tech supports nature and nurture.  
A symbiotic relationship if you will, of the new AND the natural, taking our house-bound habits of Netflix binging, robot vacuuming, Google home addictions, to leave the inside for the outside.  Think surfing the Channel Islands, verse channel surfing and you’ll catch my drift.        
The American filmmaker and philosopher Jason Silver once said ‘Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword.  Fire can cook our food but can also burn us’. All that I can share right now is that it’s currently winter in Australia, and at my house, it’s quite cold, so it’d be silly not to have a fire… let’s just take it outside and throw in some marshmallows for good measure!


Photography + Creative Direction + Styling: Amanda Shadforth  .   Model: Nya Leth  @Kult Australia .   Hair + Makeup: Penny Antuar  .  Videography: Michael Antuar .  Production: Oracle Fox

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